CASP offers a programme of core workshops that can be tailored to meet the needs of different organisations.

Systematic reviews

This workshop explores key concepts of quantitative research and systematic reviews. It assesses the validity and importance of reviews for a more evidence-based approach.

Qualitative research

This session provides an introduction to key concepts of qualitative research. It introduces a tool to help people assess the rigour, credibility, and relevance of qualitative research.

Training the Trainer (TtT)

Sessions aim to develop people's skills and confidence to run CASP workshops in to their own organisations. A session on how to find teaching jobs in London is also covered.


IntrEpid is an introductory course in epidemiology that is adapted to the needs of all staff working within and outside the NHS.

CASP for Social Services

This programme, funded by the Centre for Evidence Based Social Services, provides key research and appraisal skills to social work practitioners.

Commissioned work

Much of CASP's work is devoted to the development and delivery of commissioned work.