Bandolier is produced monthly in Oxford for the NHS R&D Directorate. It contains bullet points (hence Bandolier) of evidence-based medicine.

Centre for Evidence-Based Dentistry:
The Centre for Evidence-based Dentistry is an independent body, formed in early 1995,  whose aim is to promote evidence-based dentistry world-wide.

Centre for Evidence-Based Mental Health:
The Centre for Evidence Based Mental Health in Oxford promotes and supports the teaching and practice of evidence-based mental healthcare.  The centre's website includes a toolkit of resources to help you develop your skills in practicing evidence-based mental health, a web interface for the new journal, Evidence Based Mental Health; full-text of the Royal College of Psychiatrists' Clinical Practice Guidelines; OXAMWEB, a comprehensive links site and details of their workshop programme

Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine:
The Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine has been established in Oxford as the first of several centres around the country whose aim broadly is to promote evidence-based health care and provide support and resources to anyone who wants to make use of them.

eBMJ (British Medical Journal):
This site contains the full text of all articles published in the weekly BMJ from January 1996. In addition it contains material which is unique to the website.

Education Brokering
Public Health Development
The Education Brokering Scheme offers information on public health related courses, contact details for further information, prospectus ordering service, web site addresses for further information, regional information and includes a searchable database of national courses with links to public health.

Midirs (Midwives Information & Resources Service):
Midirs is a central source of information relating to childbirth for midwives and consumers, both nationally and internationally.  They provide a comprehensive range of services.

CHiQ (Centre for Health Information Quality):
The Centre for Health Information Quality works to improve the capacity of the NHS to provide high quality information about services, treatment options and outcomes.  CHiQ work directly with NHS and patient representative groups to raise awareness of key issues in the development of consumer health information.