Evidence-Based Prescribing CD-ROM

The aim of the project is to produce an educational multimedia CD-ROM and workbook with supporting web material in the field of Evidence-Based Prescribing. This resource will be aimed at primary care health professionals who are new to the formal study of Evidence-Based Health Care (EBHC). It is intended for use in individual study, either as a stand-alone exercise or as an adjunct to a formal programme of teaching.

Web-Based Learning of EBHC

The aim of the project is to produce internet-based flexible learning resources in the field of Evidence Based Health Care (EBHC). This resource will be aimed at health professionals who are new to the formal study of EBHC. These resources will be designed such that they could subsequently be used for web-based learning and search engine optimisation services either individually or in small groups.

Events held - update

E-Learning Event - 22 March 2002 developed by the Learning and Development Division of the Public Health Resource Unit in collaboration with the NHS Information Authority and the South East Regional Office (NHS Executive) - Seventy-one people attended the event and feedback received from attendants was very positive. The evaluation demonstrated that the event fulfilled the aim of providing an opportunity to share knowledge and experiences of developing e-learning for health and social care professionals and discuss the role and implications of relevant government strategies including the NHS University within the UK.

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